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Rack Aid


What is Rack Aid?

Rack Aid® is the collective term used by The Rack Group to describe all the products and services The Rack Group offers. This management system is designed for multi-site companies with large networks. The package is made up of scheduled inspections, planned maintenance and repairs using our specialist materials, pallet racking protective guard (Rack Armour) and planned training bespoke to customer requirements.

This management system has been proven to save large blue chip clients substantial reductions in their pallet racking maintenance and repair costs.

The Rack Aid®  management system is guaranteed to;

  • Ensure customers are conforming to Health and Safety Legislations
  • Saves customer’s time, money and disruption in regards to pallet racking repairs
  • Established customer relations and working partnerships
  • Complete service for your pallet racking maintenance requirements
  • Reduces the life time costs associated with storage equipment


How the Rack Aid Management System was developed

Problem: Understanding the "Root Cause" of pallet racking damage as almost all pallet racking damage is caused by manual handling equipment and driver error. 

Solution: Driver training and pallet racking user's safety awareness course on how to reduce damage to racking. 

Problem: Understanding, identifying and reporting racking damage.

Solution: Racking safety inspection training and damage reporting course for appointed colleagues.  

Problem: High costs charged for replacement parts when buying in small quantities direct from the manufacturer. 

Solution: The Rack Group designed and manufactured specialist replacement parts thereby reducing replacement material costs whilst also helping to improve the pallet racking strength to withstand future impact damage. 

Problem: Long lead times for replacement parts ranging from 3 to 8 weeks.

Solution: Reduced lead times by stocking our own replacement parts, along with identified critical components for our customers.

Problem: Disruption to our customers daily operations on site whilst carrying out pallet racking repairs.

Solution: To help improve our performance and reduce disruption on site we designed our specialised tooling which eliminates the need to offload the equipment prior to any repairs being carried out.

Problem: Achieving Health and Safety compliance.

Solution: We implemented the Rack Aid System, covering all Health and Safety requirements. 

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