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Posted by The Rack Group
January 12, 2017

New year, new racking repair headaches?

The Christmas rush is over, the racking inspection is complete and now comes the task of choosing a racking maintenance company.

It goes without saying that cost is a massive deciding factor in these sorts of scenarios, often balanced out by the potential quality of work.

Well, what if we told you that we could offer the most cost effective repair solutions with the highest standard of work? I guess you’d be interested…


Its simple really. We are one of the few maintenance companies in the UK who specialise in reducing racking repair costs. This means we utilise every aspect of your current racking system, we don’t just throw away good material. We recycle, we repair, its that simple. If the damaged components are beyond repair we can offer our extremely cost effective FURS (Front Upright Reinforcement Section)¬†system.

A system which most manufacturers do sell, but only if you ask for it specifically… This gives you an indication of how effective the FURS is, so much so that the manufacturers would much prefer to sell you a 6ft upright instead at 5X the price every time a 3 tonne juggernaut in the warehouse taps it.

Qualified team

As well as offering the most cost effective repair solutions we also boast the most qualified team of installer, inspectors and maintenance teams in the UK. Each of our team hold a NVQ (RQF) qualification in their field which is the highest possible accolade in our industry, an accolade that the majority of people do not have!

How do I receive a quote for my repairs?

Simply send us your inspection report, we’ll do the rest. Email for your free no obligation quote today.