Posted by The Rack Group
October 15, 2019

SEMA Racking Inspection Guidelines

How do The Rack Group meet SEMA racking inspection guidelines when it SEMA Racking inspection comes to your annual racking inspection?

The Rack Group Ltd have long been working in the pallet racking industry, starting out as an installation company. We are now specialist providers of warehouse safety, this includes our pallet racking inspection service.

All our inspectors have masses of experience and all hold a National Vocational Qualification (NVQ) in pallet racking inspections! They also hold NVQ’s for the installation and maintenance of pallet racking so you know they can be trusted to carry out a thorough job.

All of our racking inspections are set against the European Standard for pallet racking: EN 15635 Steel Static Storage Systems- Application and Maintenance of Storage Equipment. Doing this ensures our inspections match the SEMA racking inspection guidelines.

Please note that SEMA do not approve our trainers, they are a trading a body who set standards and guidelines for the industry. All our training courses match or exceed these standards.

Our pallet racking inspections are also part of our Rack Aid Management System, a five step plan which offers complete conformity to European and SEMA racking inspection standards.