pre-used racking

pre-used rackingRack Trader is the division for the buying and selling second hand racking within The Rack Group Ltd.

In these economic times, companies may have difficulties in finding cost effective racking to utilise in their warehouse. Rack Trader dedicates its’ time to finding affordable quality, second hand pallet racking which is achieved through our extensive research and knowledge of the current market. As one of the largest stockists of pre-used pallet racking supplied throughout the UK, we can offer extremely competitive prices for your surplus and used racking.


Many companies in the UK are finding it difficult to source specific racking components for minor repairs and extensions. This often leads them to purchase brand new equipment from the manufacturers at a highly inflated price. Rack Trader holds a substantial supply of pre-used racking, giving you not only a quick and easy way to buy the items you require, but also at a price which is fair.


Rack Trader will also purchase your unwanted and unused racking to free up space on your site, whilst receiving a sizeable amount back. To find out how much your unwanted racking is worth please fill in the form below for a no obligation quote.

“A great service all round. I have been a customer of Scott’s for the past year and have always received an excellent level of service from him. I have recommended him to numerous other companies who, like me, have been very impressed with both the product and service provided”.

Kevin Ellard, Technical Sales Engineer

We hold a huge supply of Redirack frames and componets.

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