Posted by The Rack Group
July 12, 2018


Barriers perform a somewhat straight forward task in a warehouse. They are there to create an obstacle that prevents movement or access. (Mostly to prevent the movement of MHE from hitting numerous items including people). Modern barriers such as the Rack Armour plastic barrier system are no different, they are there simply to protect and prevent catastrophic impacts from occurring.

You could be mistaken though with some plastic barrier providers warehouse barrierfor “over egging the pudding” somewhat. Fancy patented plastic names, over-elaborate designs and more importantly overpriced products which at the end of the day do the same as the more cost effective options, create a barrier that is designed to get hit day in day out…

Whilst designing the Rack Armour barrier range we decided not to get drawn into a battle of marketing terminology and fancy names. Instead we concentrated on creating an efficient, tough product range that doesn’t cost the earth. Mission accomplished.

Like most great product ranges we started with the basics. In this instance this was our end of aisle barrier for pallet racking protection. Word soon spread of the efficiency and pricing off this range of barriers and we soon had major brands contact us looking for alternatives to the “overpriced” plastic barrier systems they already had installed on site. It seemed their current providers thought they could charge an inflated rate for new barriers thinking they had no other options… How wrong they were. Since then we have developed an extensive pedestrian barrier range which, like all our products is both efficient and extremely cost effective.

warehouse barrier

Over the past year we’ve been inundated with dozens of businesses wanting to move from their existing barrier provider for a more cost effective yet equally practical option. Something we’re delighted to say we’ve helped out with on every occasion and continue to do so.

Put simply, if you want a product that works, is reasonably priced and looks the part, The Rack Armour barrier range is for you. If you want a fancy named, over engineered, and overpriced barrier system, you know where to go…