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May 28, 2015

A Safe System of Work With The Rack Group Ltd

Ensuring your workplace has A Safe System of Work is all about eliminating and reducing the risk of a hazardous event raking place.
If your racking is not protected it has a higher risk of collapse if and when an impact does occur.

Remember, just a 3 mm indent on the front face of an upright reduces a safe working load by 25%!

The Rack Group are the UK’s leading distributor for our associate coA safe system of work barrier rack armour The Rack Groupmpany Rack Armour, global leaders in warehouse protection. With the use of their upright protector and end of aisle barriers you can severely reduce the risk of a catastrophic racking collapse.

The Rack Armour upright protector and barrier range have both been made with a safe system of work in mind. The high visibility yellow has been used to ensure the protection aids are clearly visible. If it’s easy to see, it is less likely your FLT drivers will collide in the first place.

The upright protector was designed to be narrow and a close fit to A safe system of work barrier rack armour The Rack Groupthe racking, this ensures it does not encroach on already narrow aisles within warehouses. Rack Armour also took time to perfect the way the guard tightly wraps around uprights so it can’t be pulled off by a FLT when retrieving pallets, something that other guards on the market cannot compete with.

The same level of care was placed when designing the Rack Armour barrier range. Our testing of the barriers ensured we could provide a barrier for every possible need for the customer. Rack Armour have covered everything from a solid but minimal intruding floor rail barrier, to the towering and tough double rail barrier as well as everything else in between.

A safe system of work barrier rack armour The Rack Group
A safe system of work barrier rack armour The Rack GroupIf you want to find out more about how to achieve a safe system of work with The Rack Group and the warehouse protection we offer why not contact us here. Our team will be more than happy to help and will get in contact ASAP. Or, for more in-depth information about all the barriers we offer, why not click here to see our protection page.

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