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Posted by The Rack Group
July 8, 2016

Rack Repair Specialists

The Rack Group… Rack Repair solutions designed to increase your safety & reduce your costs.

Our rack repair goals are simple:

1. Increase the safety of pallet racking for warehouse owners.

Rack Repair - The Rack Group Ltd
Bespoke FURS Rack Repair

2. Combine, increasing safety with lowering current replacement costs!

The Rack Group strictly follow SEMA racking repair guidelines in safety to find innovative ways to increase safety whilst reducing your current rack repair method costs.

No matter the make and model, we have bespoke rack repair solutions for varied components and designs.

rack repair
rack repair: Welded Bracing

The Rack Group also offer substantial price reductions on RediRack compatible frames, upright rack repairs, and even welded bracing repairs! The way we look at it if only a small portion is damaged, why replace the whole thing?

The Rack Group Ltd are based in South Yorkshire and cover the UK. We’re trusted by the biggest clients to reduce their rack repair bills. whether your company is a world leader or just a small business, if you utilize pallet racking and suffer frequent bills to repair it, we can help you.

Get a free site assessment from our business development managers! Simply click here to get in touch!  

Our free site surveys do not replace an inspection, a free site survey allows an opportunity for us to visit site, assess your current situation, understand the amount of racking on site and the damage type which occurs. This means we can offer racking repair advice and quote accordingly. As we aim to reduce your costs, we feel that a mini audit first, provides us the best opportunity to do that.

We utilise a 5 step plan which aims to drastically boost your warehouse safety whilst reducing long term repeat costs. starting with a racking inspection to provide an in depth analysis we can provide maintenance programs and quote for racking repairs. This is a proactive plan which enables you to spread costs and plan effectively. The Rack Group are the UK’s leading distributor of all Rack Armour products. This includes pallet racking protectors and barriers. Finally, We will always recommend that your company has a person responsible on site for storage equipment safety, that’s why we created Rack Training, to provide all your pallet racking training course needs.