Posted by The Rack Group
March 15, 2018


If you’ve recently had your annual pallet racking inspection and are looking to rectify your damage, look no further…The Rack Group Ltd have been working with pallet racking for over four decades, during in which time we have fine tuned pallet racking repairs to create numerous cost effective solutions.Racking repairs the rack group

For example, our Front Upright Reinforcement Section doesn’t just repair your upright, it strengthens the leg as well, meaning any further knocks that would usually leave you with a dent, rendering the racking damaged, no longer cause a problem. Any impacts will only cause damage to the sacrificial piece held on by two bolts. It does not thing to affect the structure and safety of the racking.

Many people aren’t aware it is possible to carry out racking repairs on uprights, but if the damage is only in the bottom 600mm of the upright, why waste the whole thing? A FURS racking repair will take more than just a few hits to render this reinforced steel damaged.

Our racking repairs don’t stop there…

As well as bracing repairs, we have also sourced a compatible Redirack system to provide customers a solution to low running stock. We work in partnership with our customers, if there is a problem to be solved concerning pallet racking, there’es nobody better than us to try and solve it.

Get in touch via the contact form on our site. Our team are always happy to help. It may also be possible for one of our engineers to visit your site for free to determine the correct course of action.