SEMA Racking Inspection Guidelines
Posted by The Rack Group
July 25, 2016

SEMA Racking Inspection Guidelines

How do The Rack Group meet SEMA racking inspection guidelines when it SEMA Racking inspection comes to your annual racking inspection?

The Rack Group Ltd have long been working in the pallet racking industry, starting as an installation company. We are now specialist providers of warehouse safety, this includes our pallet racking inspection service.

All our inspectors have masses of experience and all hold the only National Vocational Qualification (NVQ) in pallet racking inspections! They also hold NVQ’s for the installation and maintenance of pallet racking so you know they can be trusted to carry out a thorough job.

All of our racking inspections are set against the European Standard for pallet racking: EN 15635 Steel Static Storage Systems- Application and Maintenance of Storage Equipment. Doing this ensures our inspections match the SEMA racking inspection guidelines.

When The Rack Group carry out a racking inspection we use our data pen system which enables us to provide you with a full glossy reSEMA Racking Inspection Guidelines port which highlights damage in accordance with SEMA racking inspection, Green, Amber and Red system.

You will also receive a full electronic same day report giving you the opportunity to retrieve repair work quotes instantly.

Our racking repairs have been proven to cut bills for many companies that utilise warehouses. We look for solutions to full replacements wherever possible, that’s why we will provide you with a quote for any repair works we find during our inspection process within one week of it taking place. Doing all of this also ensures a great communication service between yourselves and us, we like to keep things clear for everybody. Click here to see more.

SEMA Racking Inspection Guidelines
SEMA Racking Inspection Guidelines

Our pallet racking inspections are also part of our Rack Aid Management System, a five step plan which offers complete conformity to European and SEMA racking inspection standards.

If you would like to know more about our pallet racking inspections service or any of our other services please get in touch here. You may also want to inquire about our Free, no obligation site visit, this way one of our racking inspection engineers can offer you the best advice possible.