The Front Upright Reinforcement Section – A simple product which will reduce your racking repair damage significantlyracking damage

Racking systems are constantly under attack by fork lift trucks and inevitably racking damage does occur. However 90% of the time damage only occurs in the first 400mm of the upright. That being said it seems ludicrous to replace the whole upright when only a small percentage is damaged, with the help of our Front Upright Reinforcement Section this is no longer the case.

Made from reinforced steel, our Front Upright Reinforcement Section creates an almost indestructible base to your racking that will save you untold costs and eliminate racking damage! In most cases we can install our Front Upright Reinforcement Section with minimal disruption to your site at a price you wouldn’t believe.

This ‘before and after’ image shows how the damage at the very bottom of the upright has been cut away and had a FURS placed into the rack. The yellow sacrificial piece is then the only section that will need replacing if damage was to occur in the bottom 400mm of the upright again.

The reinforced steel section can be put into the rack whilst your racking is supported using The Rack Group’s very own specialist equipment. The video below illustrates the ease of replacing the damaged section in a third of the time it takes to replace a whole upright.

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