racking repairsOur racking repair and planned maintenance services are truly one of a kind, designed and utilised by one of the biggest retail companies in the world, our maintenance systems are sure to save you time and money on costly racking repair costs.

Racking repairs can often be extremely costly and time consuming, that’s where The Rack Group are different. Whether you choose your racking repair and maintenance on a proactive or reactive basis we have a quick cost effective solution for you.

The list of clients that utilise our racking repair service is ever expanding, ranging from large multi national sites to more modest warehouse set ups. Demonstrating that no matter the size and situation your pallet racking is in, we can help.

If you are interested in your team being able to spot damage and maintain your racking to a high standard, then training courses provided by Rack Training may be of use, click here to find out more.


  • Ensuring your racking is fit for purpose, for the longest possible time.

    Our most popular service, the proactive maintenance support offered by The Rack Group ensures your racking system is fit for purpose for the longest possible time.

    We boast a huge customer base which utilise our proactive maintenance service throughout the UK, Each of these customers have benefited from adapting a proactive racking maintenance plan with The Rack Group which has allowed them in turn to budget for storage equipment repair works.

    So if you are tired of mounting racking repair bills, contact us today to talk about our proactive maintenance plans which will decrease damage and create a manageable and cost effective way to repair your racking at a time that suits you.

  • Accidents do happen, but when pallet racking is involved these accidents can be extremely dangerous. The Rack Group offer a reactive repair service which is aimed to counteract this sudden accidental damage through our unique tooling and emergency callout service. No matter your location and no matter the level of damage we can help today!

We fix 90% of damage during our initial
emergency callout within 48 hours!

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