racking inspection standards
Posted by The Rack Group
November 2, 2015

The Rack Group Ltd… Setting the Standard for Racking Safety Inspections

As the first step in our award winning rack aid management process, The Rack Group’s racking safety inspections are truly second to none.

Our racking safety inspections are not designed to scare you into changing every aspect of your warehouse by spending unrealistic amounts in the process. It is simply the first step of our full service which aims to provide you cost effective solutions to your warehouse problems.

Our inspections are matched to the criteria set by European Standard EN15635 Steel static storage systems, application and maintenance of storage equipment. They therefore conform to SEMA guidelines for storage equipment safety.

With the use of data pen technology, we are able to optimize communication between ourselves and you. Not only will you get a hard copy report on the day, our head office will get an electronic copy meaning we can have a quote back to you within one week to rectify any issues we find during the inspection.

 Why stop there?

Once the racking safety inspection has been completed, The Rack Group won’t just leave you with a bill for the inspection and a list of problems for you to solve! Our Rack Aid management system means we can offer you a planned maintenance program. This means we racking safety inspectionscan look after all your warehouse problems and plan everything around your needs. We will keep reports of your issues, what racking you use and equally what you don’t use and offer advise on when and how to repair and solve your problems.